Best Ways To Make Your Outdoor Furniture Environmentally Friendly

When you are furnishing your patio or garden, you’ll be pleased to find plastics that are environmentally friendly coming to the outdoor furniture markets. They utilize bold and clever designs, that will bring you great durability, comfort, and style. It’s known as HDPE, also called High-Density Polyethylene, and it’s making its mark in outdoor furniture. HDPE is made out of recycled water bottles and milk containers and is quite durable. It’s becoming a popular choice when it comes to outdoor furnishings, because it’s made to last for years, and because new manufacturing technologies are enabling companies to make very colorful and stylish pieces that really stand out among the competitors’ metal and wood designs.

The market for this type of outdoor furniture is growing at a rate of about twenty to thirty percent every year, according to one company that makes recycled furniture and decking. Wood furniture sales have fallen at the same time. HDPE furnishings come in many different choices of designs and colors, from high-end style to casual, and the finish often mimics wood without the maintenance of wood. HDPE has shown itself to be lower in cost, too, unlike teak and the various tropical woods. A lot of HDPE furnishings are made in the United States, as well.

HDPE furniture is a fairly new category for shoppers who are environmentally conscious, and there is virtually no maintenance involved in caring for this type of furniture. It will stand up well to extremes in temperature, and it’s not affected by chlorine or salt water, so it’s natural for beaches and pools. The material contains a UV stabilizer which resists dulling and fading, and it won’t peel, rust, stain or splinter. Recycled materials excel over woods in their ability to stand up to harsh environmental conditions, be they direct sunlight, rain and snow, or freezing temperatures.

Of course, there are plenty of other eco-friendly styles of furniture on the market. This type of furniture is produced using the core of a fast growing vine and so has a minimal environmental footprint. This material can be woven into a wicker style covering to be fitted to a frame of a stronger method, but furniture can also be constructed entirely out of rattan. Whatever material you choose, you can relax easily in your outdoor furniture if you are safe in the knowledge that it is produced with environmentally friendly materials.

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